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Woman Receives Liposuction of the Hips

Photos courtesy of: Michael H. Freedland, M.D., Bloomfield Hills, MI

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Rear View Before Liposuction
Rear View Before Liposuction

Rear View After Liposuction
Rear View After Liposuction

Dr. Michael Freedland of Troy, Michigan was seeked by this patient for liposuction.  She had always felt insecure with the size of her hips and it was difficult for her to sport the bikini she desired during the summer months without feeling insecure about it.  This patient wanted to make a change.  With the help of Dr. Freedland, this woman is now happy with the size of her hips and with the results of the surgery that Dr. Freedland had performed.  Wearing a bikini has now been made easy for this patient, and she no longer feels the insecurities she had prior to liposuction.  She is very happy with the results of her liposuction of the hips.
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