Find Out if You’re a Candidate for a Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)

Am I a Candidate for Abdominoplasty?

Tummy tuck surgery may be appropriate for you if you are physically healthy and at a stable weight but are bothered by the look and feel of loose, sagging skin with abdominal protrusion due to loss of muscle tone. Smoking increases the risks associated with abdominoplasty so many doctors will not recommend the procedure to those who smoke. The presence of scars on the abdomen from prior surgery may affect circulation to the skin so this is another risk factor that must be evaluated. Those who are planning substantial weight loss or women who may be considering future pregnancies may be advised to postpone a tummy tuck and individuals who have health conditions such as high blood pressure may be asked to obtain a letter of clearance from their personal physician before scheduling surgery.

Ultimately, the decision to have tummy tuck surgery is personal. After discussion of the pros and cons of the procedure with your plastic surgeon, only you can decide if the benefits will achieve your goals with risks and potential complications that are tolerable.


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