Liposuction Of The Arms

Liposuction of the Arms

plastic surgeon will be sure to measure your arms and evaluate them to make sure expectations are realistic. Candidates range from those being young and healthy with good skin tone and moderate fat hypertrophy. Those with hanging skin, and sagging arms suffer from excess fat hypertrophy, usually caused by aging and/or severe weight loss. However, the liposuction will not affect the quality of patients skin. Additional surgical intervention may be needed to obtain the desired results. Different procedures your plastic surgeon may recommend for you are:

  • Circumferential Liposuction
  • Suction Lipectomy with or without axillary skin tightening
  • Circumferential Liposuction with T-incision and purse string closure
  • Brachioplasty

Your plastic surgeon will most likely perform a pinch test to determine if you are a candidate and if so which procedure is recommended for you. Older patients with a moderate amount of weight and require some form of brachioplasty. Skin elasticity is important when considering liposuction of the arms and how your arms will appear after surgery. Your plastic surgeon can help you in determining which procedure is best for your body. To find a plastic surgeon, use our board certified plastic surgeon finder.

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