Liposuction Of The Abdomen

Liposuction of the Abdomen

Hailed as the most common body part to be treated in both men and women, the abdomen is a problem area for many different reasons.

For those who are obese, liposuction can help reduce the fibrous fat that resides in the abdomen. However, you will want to consider post-bariatric surgery as a topic to discuss with your plastic surgeon. Since abdominal fat can be considered deep or superficial, the procedure recommended to you may also vary.

Women who have had c-sections or a previous pregnancy will find the lower abdomen bulges with subcutaneous fat and is a major issue. Tummy tucks are an option for many patients, but not required and can be a complementary procedure to liposuction. Hysterectomies can also cause a similar issue being that the incision may be made with a pfannestiel incision.

Location of Fat

Superficial fat in the abdomen rests just underneath the skin (subcutaneous) and above the muscles. However, the deep abdominal fat resides inside the abdominal cavity atop the intestines. Since liposuction cannot remove intestinal fat--it is recommended you diet and exercise to reduce the amount of deep fat in the body. With subcutaneous fat, results may vary but are somewhat promising since this type of fat usually responds to liposuction.

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