Liposuction Of The Chin, Jowls and Cheeks

Depending on your age and condition of your skin, you may want to pair liposuction with another complementary procedure, like a chemical peel or laser skin resurfacing. Many older patients find not only subcutaneous fat in the face and chin/neck area, but also wrinkled skin that has lost some elasticity. Liposuction can also be paired with a facelift but often times with younger patients who do not have larger folds of skin on their neck, liposuction will provide you with great-enough results.

The area beneath the jaw (chin) and the small area of the cheeks (jowls) are the specific areas discussed in this section. Subcutaneous fat can also reside in the front of the neck, below the jaw area--creating a “double-chin” otherwise known as a submental chin. If you have too much subcutaneous fat in your cheeks, you may feel like you appear chubby especially if you are not suffering from obesity. Perhaps inherited, this area responds well to liposuction with very small cannula incisions. The jowls are the fatty areas residing on the lower cheek, resting over the jaw bone. When men and women’s the jowls are evident, you will feel like your face may appear older.

Wrinkles can be removed with facial skin resurfacing. Using a CO2 laser, you are able to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and possibly tighten your eyes skin area. Many other techniques can aide in the removal of wrinkles including: microdermabrasion, chemical peels and laser skin resurfacing.

If it is liposuction of the neck, chin and/or jowls you are receiving, you will not need sutures or any closing of incisions. You will want to let the area “breathe” and drain so that you can reduce your risk of swelling and bruising. Here, compression garments are worn up to 36 hours post surgery and once drainage has commenced.

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