Liposuction Consultation

Your Liposuction Consultation

The Liposuction Consultation - Book Yours Today!

During your body-contouring consultation, your plastic surgeon will speak to you about your objectives, expectations and also assess you for the surgery. Certain figures are taken, including your age, body weight and skin/muscle tone to help your surgeon decipher which treatment is for your body. Your mental and physical health will be evaluated as well as the condition of your skin. Once you determine the proper type of liposuction for your body to meet the expectations you have - your surgery date will be scheduled.

Depending on which liposuction goals you have, your body type, health and other factors, you and your doctor decide on the proper procedure together. Liposuction improves the skin's appearance as well as reducing the amount of fat cells in the body. This is accomplished through either internal or external UAL, and many other types.

Please visit our Complementary Procedures To Liposuction page to view more information about consultations for additional information on procedures to get in addition or in lieu of liposuction. Be sure to consult your plastic surgeon to see which procedures are recommended for your body and to achieve your desired outcome.

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