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Online Resources for Liposuction and Abdominoplasty Patients

Welcome to Online Resources (formerly liposuction Info Links) section of LipoSite. We've divided the online resources into four categories: Choosing a plastic surgeon and checking credentials, websites of interest to liposuction patients, compression garment resources and our Frequently Asked Question (FAQs). Please note that we now refer to the FAQs as "Common Questions", but in order to maintain some backward compatibilty, we left the original name and navigation here as well.

  1. Choosing a Plastic Surgeon and checking credentials - This part of the site gives you some basic guidance on choosing a surgeon to perform your liposuction or abdominoplasty and tells you how to check their board certification and licensing status with your state medical board.

  2. Consultation Checklists - Handy printable checklists to take on your liposuction or abdominoplasty consultation.

  3. Compression Garments - Links to e-tailers which sell compression garments and manufacturers.

  4. FAQs - This section of the site is now known as "Common Questions about Liposuction". The link to the old name, Frequently Asked Questions, or FAQs is provided for convenience to visitors who may have accessed the question and answers under FAQs in the past.

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Dr. Michael A. Fiorillo Board Certified Plastic Surgeon
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Glyn E. Jones, MD
Dr. Glyn Jones Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

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