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40 year old female undergoes Traditional Liposuction Flanks

Photos courtesy of: Sherwood Baxt, M.D., F.A.C.S., Paramus, NJ, Dr. Sherwood A. Baxt

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Rear before liposuction
Rear before liposuction

Rear after liposuction
Rear after liposuction

Dr. Sherwood A. Baxt

This Caucasian woman was feeling self conscious about her weight, and did not want the excess fat surrounding her mid section. She went online to see what procedures she could get done to remove the fat. She came across Liposite and found a doctor in her area. She contacted Dr. Sherwood Baxt, and they set up a time to meet. Dr. Baxt discussed her options and they both decided to go along with liposuction. The woman is now feeling great and her self esteem is back as well.
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  • Age: 40

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