What Body Type Am I?

What Body Type Am I?

By Christine G. Adamo

When you look in the mirror what do you see? You shape? Your curves? Or lack thereof? Liposuction and body contouring can help reshape the body that’s reflected back to you. The first step, however, is understanding your body better.

“ForeRunnerFashion” blog author Stephanie Peltier encourages women to relax their approach to dressing up – or down – by understanding and utilizing these foundations of fashion:

  • know your body type
  • wear your most ideal color schemes
  • wear styles that flatter your body type

“We can quickly and easily build off [of] those to make daily fashion an easy, non-stressful reality,” Stephanie explains. Doesn’t that sound great? We thought so. That’s why we’re proud and happy to empower you with:

  • a quick guide to the body type model Stephanie turns to most
  • a list of body contouring procedures suited to each body type
  • fashion tips to play up the body you have or want


A Quick Guide to Your Body Type

Stephanie’s blog is empowering because she encourages women to remember that no body type is better than the next. In her eyes and ours, all women are beautiful. Don’t believe it? Then maybe you should rethink surgery. If you don’t internally make peace with – or, at least, understand – your current body type, there isn’t a body contouring procedure in the world that will make you happy.

Stephanie’s partial to the body type model presented by designer Randolph Duke. Randolph has created enviable, body-hugging looks for Angelina Jolie, Hillary Swank, and Kim Basinger, among other celebrities. In his book The Look: A Guide to Dressing from the Inside Out, he outlines the five following body types:

  1. Linear – Your body flows in an even, uninterrupted line from top to bottom. This body type is sometimes thought of as being rectangular or teen-like.
  2. Hourglass – Your body curves upward and downward in near equal proportion at the chest and hips from a noticeably smaller and defined waist.
  3. Lower Figured – Your body holds more weight, width or shape at the hips and thighs than at the chest and/or shoulders. This is, essentially, a pear shape.
  4. Upper Figured – Your body is larger on top (shoulders, chest, etc.) and progressively narrows to the ankles. Your hips are smaller than your shoulders – think cone-shaped
  5. Middle Figured – Your body is widest in the middle. Your hips and shoulders are smaller than your middle and are near equal width. You have what’s called a diamond shape.


Your Best Body Contouring Options by Body Type

Are your mind and body all synced up? Then let’s take a closer look at cosmetic plastic surgery, and how it can benefit your body type. If you’re considering liposuction or another body contouring procedure, you desire the following improvements:

  • feeling confident about your appearance
  • dressing your best in clothing and swimsuits
  • shopping wherever your heart desires
  • feeling more youthful and sexy

The absolute best body contouring options for your individual body type should be decided in consultation with a plastic surgeon. We can, however, make a few suggestions based on the body type model we presented earlier.

If your body type is:

  • Linear (rectangular) – Think about adding curves with butt implants, abdominal etching and/or breast enhancement.
  • Hourglass – Use body contouring to maintain your proportions or address cellulite (ex: liposuction for lower abdomen, inner thighs, etc.).
  • Lower Figured (pear-shaped) – Tone your lower body with knee, thigh, or abdominal liposuction or a tummy tuck; add balance with breast augmentation.
  • Upper Figured (cone-shaped) – Highlight your midsection with abdominal etching or add curves with body contouring; slim your arms with liposuction.
  • Middle Figured (diamond-shaped) – Whittle your waist with a tummy tuck or abdominal liposuction; balance things out with both butt and breast implants.

In the right hands, you can reach any of the goals mentioned above. Seek out referrals, shop around, and request a consultation in order to find a caring, experienced, board certified plastic surgeon. Ask any questions you need to before scheduling surgery.

Fashion Tips to Play Up the Body You Have or Want

Whether you’re considering body contouring, have had liposuction, or are still weighing your plastic surgery options, it’s always important to look and feel great. Use the following fashion tips to play up your body type.

If your body type is:

  • Linear (rectangular) – A push-up bra can do wonders to “boost” your self confidence and give the illusion of volume up top; chest, waist, or hip details on dresses, skirts, and slacks also create a curvier appearance.
  • Hourglass – Downplay curves with clothing that draws eyes away from your small waist or amplify them with body-hugging dresses, tops and bottoms with few details; if you want to look taller, go for vertical embellishments or stripes.
  • Lower Figured (pear-shaped) – A-line dresses, A-line skirts and wide-legged pants will de-emphasize your lower body; gravitate toward tops which emphasize your shoulders and breasts, making them look broader or fuller.
  • Upper Figured (cone-shaped) – Balance out your upper body and draw eyes downward by wearing dresses, skirts or pants which are pleated and/or fan out or ruffle; add volume at the waist and hips with wide belts, sashes or patterns.
  • Middle Figured (diamond-shaped) – Fool the eye with clothing that adds volume at your shoulders and hips; draw attention away from your middle with shrugs, bolero jackets and well-fitting, low-rise pants or jeans worn belted.

Give these suggestions a try and don’t get discouraged if it takes a while to hit on the perfect blend of clothes and accessories for your body type. After all, that’s what dressing rooms – and girlfriends – are for.

Stephanie says: “Accentuate your best features and dress in a way that is the most becoming for your figure”. Remember, too, that knowing your body type and reflecting on ways to feel better about it is an inside job. Start there and work your way outward.

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