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Thank you so much
""I just wanted to take a few minutes and let you know how pleased I am with my Breast Augmentation. Your before and after surgery care has been more than I could ask for. So, "Thanks" for making me feel like a beautiful woman. I have, and will continue, to recommend you to family and friends."

   - DA

Couldn't be happier
""Dr. Linderman,

Thanks for getting me through the most wonderful thing I've ever done for myself. It looks fantastic! Really good!!"

Thanks again,
- L.H."
   - LH

Life changing
""My visit to Dr. Linderman tops the list of one of the best things I've ever done in my life. To say that it is something that became life-changing would be an absolute understatement! I've referred many people to Dr. Linderman since that surgery and I will continue to recommend him to the highest degree to everyone."

- F.B."
   - F.B.

Thank you
"After making the decision to have a breast augmentation, I began looking for a plastic surgeon. I spent a lot of time asking around for some suggestions and looking online. I came across Dr. Linderman and I was so impressed by all of the before and after photos that I just had to set us a consultation with him. I called the next morning and the office staff was so kind and informative. they told me all about Dr. Linderman and how many breast augmentations he has performed (over 9,000), and they even told me the cost of the procedure upfront!!! After discussing my schedule with the staff, they were able to get me in very quickly for a consultation.

I arrived at the office for my consultation and was greeted by the friendly staff. They immediately brought me back for my consultation and explained every step to me along the way. then I met Dr. Linderman. We sat down and discussed my goals -size, where I wanted my incision, type of implant, etc. and they had my exam. The whole process was very comfortable and informative. Dr. Linderman made me feel completely prepared and reassured about having a breast augmentation. I knew he was the one I wanted to do my surgery and I scheduled it immediately.

I had my surgery on a Wednesday morning and after talking to Dr. Linderman that morning, I didn't even feel nervous. After my procedure I felt fantastic! I wasn't even in any pain. I went home and took a short nap and was able to sit at the table for dinner that night. I thought it must be too good to be true and the next morning the pain would start but I felt great the next day! I was able to blow-dry my hair the morning after and I was up and moving around the house. I started classes the following Monday (that's right just 5 days later).

My results are unbelievable!!! Dr. Linderman did an amazing job...I never thought I could have such a good result! I had very little pain, my incisions are healing beautifully, and my breasts just keep looking better every day. I am so grateful to Dr. Linderman and his wonderful staff for making this such a good experience. I recommend Dr. Linderman to everyone I know. I hope this can help anyone searching for a plastic surgeon, I feel so lucky to have found such a good one!

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