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Recovery from Liposuction

Recovery from Liposuction

  1. How soon can I return to work following liposuction?
  2. Is there much scarring?
1. How soon can I return to work following liposuction?
The answer depends on a number of factors: how extensive the removal was, your age and general health, the technique used and the type of activity level required for your job. Obviously, someone who has a strenuous job that requires a lot of movement will need to factor that into the equation.

In general, the pain lessens significantly in 3-4 days, after which many people can return to work. Since so much depends on how extensive the procedure is and what type of work you do, your plastic surgeon will be able to give you a much more accurate answer in person.

2. Is there much scarring?

The scars from liposuction are small. Your plastic surgeon will select the entry points for the cannula very carefully so that the minimal scars will be harder to spot. If you carefully inspect the area after surgery, you may be able to spot the incision sites, but most of the tiny marks will gradually disappear over time.

Immediately after surgery, it is not uncommon to see imperfections in the areas treated such as: "bumpy" or irregular skin surface, asymmetry or bagginess of the skin. Since skin elasticity plays a role, older patients or those with less elastic skin may find that they exhibit more skin surface irregularities than a younger patient would.

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