What is the Lifestyle Lift Procedure?

Facelifts have been a tried and true method of getting instant results, however the cost and invasive nature of the surgery is prohibitive. As a result, plastic surgeons developed a number of less invasive mini-facelift procedures. There are a number of different names coined by doctors for the mini facelift including QuickLift, SwiftLift and LifeStyle Lift.

What is the Lifestyle Lift Procedure

The Lifestyle Lift is a branded and trade-marked mini face-lift that is an alternative to the traditional face lift. The creators of the Lifestyle Lift claim that it is more cost effective, safer, and has a quicker recover period that the traditional facelift. There have been over 150,000 completed Lifestyle Lift surgeries since its inception by Dr. David Kent D.O. in 2001[1].

The ideal patient for the mini lift or Lifestyle Lift is a middle-aged person with sagging in the jowls. The lifestyle lift is not recommended for people with more advanced aging.

The lifestyle lift targets:

  • The jowls
  • The cheeks
  • Not, a solution for upper facial wrinkles
  • Not, a solution for sagging skin around neck

The Lifestyle Lift Procedure

The Lifestyle Lift procedure is performed under local anesthesia as a minimally invasive procedure with minimal swelling, bruising and patient discomfort. The procedure generally takes about an hour.
The procedure itself involves the same incision used in traditional face lifts with a minimal about of “pulling”. The incision follows the hairline at the temple around and down to the front of the ear.  In most cases, it should follow the natural curve of the ear like an “S”.  The length of the incision is different for each patient, but traditionally the length of the incisions for a mini facelift will be shorter than those on a traditional facelift. Once the incision is made, the unwanted tissue and skin is trimmed and pulled back, sutured into place and closed.
The lifestyle lift will not smooth out wrinkles on the neck or slim the neck. If there is an excessive amount of fat under the chin, liposuction may be used to remove the unwanted fatty tissue.

The Results of the Lifestyle Lift

The Lifestyle Lift procedure is designed to only address changes to the lower third of the face and does not go deeper than the SMAS muscle layer. The result is a more youthful facial appearance, a tighter and more toned jowl, and smoother skin on the chin and cheeks. It isn’t a solution to smooth out the wrinkles in the neck.
There are cases reported of a Lifestyle Lift not having the lasting results of the traditional face lift due to the limited pulling preformed during the surgery. However, the opinions about the mini-facelift procedures are varied, if you are considering this as an option look through patient reviews, before and after photos and do your homework.
The opinions about the lifestyle lift are varied across plastic surgeons. It is best to go to a board certified cosmetic surgeon who specializes in facial surgery. At your consultation discuss your goals and have the surgeon recommend the best procedure. Be aware that the Lifestyle Lift is a branded term used by doctors across the United States, if you go to a surgeon affiliated with the brand it is a good idea to get a second opinion from an objective doctor who isn’t affiliated with the brand.
The traditional face lift may still be a better option for those with advanced signs of aging who need more skin, fat and tissue removed.

Cost of the Lifestyle Lift

The costs of the Lifestyle Lift can range from $20,00 to $11,000. This large variation depend on the area of the country and the surgeon performing the procedure. As with any surgery, there are surgeons who based on their experience and expertise may charge more for the Lifestyle Lift procedure.

The average cost of a Lifestyle Lift is around $6500, half of the average cost of a face lift. The Lifestyle Lift is not offered in all states. Due to its popularity, some patients have reported waiting up to a month for an appointment with a certified Lifestyle Lift surgeon. When researching the costs for your Lifestyle Lift, be sure to examine the surgeon’s credentials, view before and after Lifestyle Lift galleries and patient testimonials.


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