VI Peel – It Lives Up to Its Claims

The VI Peel came to our attention because its popularity as a chemical peel is skyrocketing. We started hearing about it from our California plastic surgeons. Our California plastic surgeons seem to see a lot of things first. Some of these things turn out to be fads and die off over time so we’re careful about how we approach them. Then we started to hear from other patients and plastic surgeons around the country that VI Peel was for real. We even had site visitors asking us where they could find it. With so many anti-aging and skin rejuvenation procedures available, having one asked for by brand name really got our attention.

If you go to the VI Peel website, you will see some pretty bold claims. They say:

Suddenly, every other peel is OBSOLETE!
•  Virtually painless
•  No prep required
•  Safe, simple & quick application
•  Little downtime
•  Effective for all skin types
Dramatic results within one week on ALL skin types

With all the buzz going around and all the hype on the website, we decided to investigate. We sent someone to have the procedure to determine if it lived up to its claims. You can read about her experience in this VI Peel story, but the short answer is that it completely lived up to the hype. In fact it worked so well we even interviewed the inventor of the VI Peel, Dr. Abdala Kalil to get some answers as to how VI Peel could accomplish the seemingly impossible. Read on to learn more.

What VI Peel Is

VI Peel is a proprietary combination of peeling agents (acids) and some other non-peeling ingredients like Vitamin C. VI Peel goes deep; it is not a “Mickey Mouse peel.” VI Peel contains TCA, phenol, salicylic acid and Retin-A among its active ingredients. As Dr. Kalil says, “Using multiple acids at lower concentrations allows us to deliver deep peel results without the bad side effects of traditional deep peels.” However, one of the most interesting things about VI Peel is that it doesn’t burn like other deep peels. It is truly almost painless. Our tester felt some slight stinging, but rated it as less intense than a medium strength salicylic acid peel. Dr. Kalil attributes this to the proprietary blend of ingredients in the VI Peel.

Who Can Get VI Peel

We recommend speaking with your plastic surgeon or dermatologist about the VI Peel, but we believe that almost anyone will be a candidate for this procedure. Unlike traditional deep chemical peels, the VI Peel does not pose problems for darker skin tones. Asians, Hispanics, African Americans and other people with dark skin tones have always had to worry about a type of skin discoloration called hypopigmentation with deep chemical peels. This is not true of the VI Peel. It has very few of the complications and hazards that usually come with traditional deep peels.

What Is Recovery Like?

Dr. Kalil designed the VI Peel to fit into our busy everyday lifestyle. What, exactly, does that mean? It means that your downtime will be minimal and your results will be apparent quickly. Recovery from traditional deep peels can take up to 2 weeks, sometimes even longer. The VI Peel is complete in 7 days, with only 2-4 days of actual peeling. Gone are the days of blisters, surgical tape and oozing. This peel happens deep and fast with minimal downtime. By day 6, our tester’s peel was complete and her skin looked rejuvenated and youthful. Just one VI Peel definitely helped erase fine lines and created a more even skin tone. The peel wiped away a lot of sun damage and lived up to its claims. Again, you can read our testers’ day-by-day experience in her chemical peel story.

Follow-up Care is Quite Simple

On Day 1, leave the peel on as long as possible. Our tester left it on most of the day. Wash your face at night then wipe the peeled area with the post-peel towlette. Simple, you are done. On Day 2, wash your face in the morning like you always do, then apply the post-peel moisturizer provided in the kit. You should also apply the post-peel sunblock if you plan to be out in the sun that day. One hour before bedtime, wash your face as usual, wipe the peel area with your second post-peel towlette, then watch your favorite TV show and go to sleep.

On Day 3 you will begin to peel. Wash your skin and pat it dry. Do not try to pull off or scrub off dry skin. Let it fall off naturally. Use the VI Derm Moisturizer liberally and as often as necessary at this point to help hide the skin sloughing. Also use the SPF 30 sunblock liberally to protect your skin! The sunblock is very important because your skin will burn easily while it is peeling.

Treat Days 4-6 just like Day 3. Use moisturizer and sunblock

VI Peel and Acne

Dr. Kalil invented the VI Peel for his daughter who suffered from acne. In his own words, “The best way to prevent acne scars is not to get them in the first place.” While we haven’t tested this peel on an acne patient, given the way it worked on our tester, we are fairly certain it will help eliminate acne too. Since acne is an ongoing condition, a series of peels will be required to treat acne successfully over time.

The Verdict

While it may seem hard to believe, the VI Peel actually works as claimed. Our tester was so impressed that she gushed positively about the procedure for days. Always consult your plastic surgeon or dermatologist before undergoing any cosmetic procedure, but if you are looking for a fast, effective anti-aging or skin rejuvenation treatment, this is one that is easy on your purse compared to other options like laser skin resurfacing and gives great results. We recommend it.

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