Ms. Marian Urban

MARIAN URBAN’S combination of medical and intuitive skills have earned her the name The Skin Whisperer.

“A face tells me the journey you’ve been on in your life,” she says. “I can see all the fun you’ve had – smoking, drinking, skiing, playing in the sun.”

Her intuition has always been with her. The technical skills have been developed over more than 30 years of training and education.

Marian trained in New York, Los Angeles and Europe with leaders in the skin care movement. After completing her training, Marian decided she wanted to bring her skills back home to the arid Southwest, where she would pioneer an approach to healthy skin that was decades ahead of its time.

A student of the Kneipp Institute, Marian infused herbal and nutritional approaches to helping “her faces,” as she calls them, regain their healthy glow.

portrait marian1


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