Ms. Genie Valen

Genie Valen, director of Non-Medical Treatments, brings 22 years of experience to the Sterling Aesthetics team.  Her association with Marian Urban began in 1992 starting with administration and moving to hands-on esthetics in 1996.  She has trained in wide variety of techniques including Kneipp Hydrotherapy, Ayurvedic Beauty Treatments and several different color and sound therapies.  In 2009 she opened her own business, Amazing Transformation.  Her unique style of facial massage, attention to detail and deep understanding of the individual client has earned her a valued reputation with clients from over the country.  Now as part of the Sterling Aesthetics team, Genie brings her expertise to the Non-Medical Department also crossing over to the Medical Department as the head of Ultherapy technician.  She is proud to be part of the team offering a wide variety of aesthetics and medical services to the Sterling clientele.



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