Dr. Richard Linderman

Dr. Richard Linderman is a board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon who has been in practice in the Indianapolis, IN area for the last 27 years. He received his medical degree from Indiana University and has continued his education in cosmetic surgery by receiving additional specialized training from acknowledged experts throughout the country. Dr. Linderman has full staff privileges at St Vincent Hospital Indianapolis, St. Vincent Hospital Carmel and the Naab Road Surgery Center.

Dr. Linderman is a member of the prestigious American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons who limits its membership to accept only board certified plastic surgeons who have passed a rigorous examination and whose practice is limited primarily to cosmetic surgery.

Dr. Linderman has performed over 5,000 breast augmentation procedures over the course of his career. He has developed the experience necessary to fully evaluate a wide range of breast concerns, from simple hypoplasia to particular abnormalities of shape, asymmetry and more complex problems. Dr. Linderman has a great interest in helping patients who present with poor shape, skin stretching or ptosis of the breast. His vast experience developed in treating many breast abnormalities over the years, allows patients to have confidence in his ability and feel comfortable with their decision in choosing him as their surgeon.

Some of the most important factors used in selecting a surgeon should be the doctor’s experience, attention to aesthetic detail and thorough training in the demanding field of cosmetic surgery. The patient must choose between a practice that offers a glitzy appearance and an assembly line approach to breast augmentation, or a practice that offers a more personal touch and inspires your confidence in their surgical ability. Dr. Linderman takes pride in being a doctor who takes the time to understand your expectations and realizes how important this decision is to you. The entire staff of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery of IN practices the personal touch philosophy of treating patients.

Meeting With Dr. Linderman

You will sit down with Dr. Lindermaduring your complimentary and confidential consultation to discuss your personal goals for the surgical procedure as well as your reasons for considering breast augmentation surgery. Additionally, Dr. Linderman will highlight details of the where the surgery is performed and what type of anesthesia is given during surgery. The pre- and post-operative period of recovery will also be addressed. You will then receive a thorough examination of the breasts, discussing size, incision site or droopiness. A detailed measurement system is used to establish the appropriate implant size for your particular body type and build and to determine what your best surgical options are.

Following your examination, Dr. Linderman will review before and after patient photos with you as well as discuss the risks and complications associated with the procedure.

He will discuss your surgical expectations with you and together you will arrive at a treatment plan. You will meet with our Patient Care Coordinator at the end of your consultation and she will assist you with any financial questions you may have including discussing what financing options are available.


Richard B. Linderman, M.D.

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