Dr. Henry A. Mentz

Dr. Mentz is a founder and partner of The Aesthetic Center for Plastic Surgery, one of the largest private plastic surgery teams in the country specializing in aesthetic surgery. His extensive training and magnitude of experience have merited Triple Board Certification. He is the first surgeon in the United States to hold these three boards. His distinguished credentials in facial rejuvenation with special interest in body contouring have proven his commitment and enthusiasm for the specialty of plastic surgery. He is known as the inventor of the abdominal etching technique after publishing the first article in 1993. While Dr. Mentz has been important in innovating new liposuction techniques he has also dedicated a large portion of is practice to facial surgery. Facelifts, rhinoplasty (nasal surgery) and eyelid/brow surgery will always be an important part of his practice. Creating new techniques in facial rejuvenation and facial contouring through publications, presentations and text chapters have taken a portion of his time.

Dr. Mentz occasionally travels with the team to San Jose to deliver surgical services to under privileged children in Mexico, Latin America and South America born with Cleft lips and palates.

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Aesthetic Center for Plastic Surgery


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