Dr. David P. Rapaport

Born and raised in Boston, Dr. Rapaport studied at Boston University’s Six-year Medical Program and then chose to transfer to Tel Aviv University, where he received his M.D. degree in 1985. Dr. Rapaport trained in surgery at Boston’s Beth Israel Hospital, a major teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School. He trained in plastic surgery at the NYU Institute of Reconstructive Plastic Surgery, widely regarded as the nation’s top plastic surgery residency program. Dr. Rapaport completed his plastic surgery residency in 1992, and from 1993-1997 was on the faculty of the University of South Florida, where he developed a successful and respected practice. In 1997, Dr. Rapaport and his wife decided to return to New York City, to work, live and raise their four children in the unique social and cultural environment which only New York can offer. Dr. Rapaport established his private practice and opened his Park Avenue office in 1998.

Since that time, his practice has witnessed steady and rapid growth. He has appeared on numerous national and local television programs, and his office regularly welcomes patients from around the country who choose to have their surgery performed by Dr. Rapaport.

In addition to his wealth of cosmetic surgery experience, Dr. Rapaport has developed a national reputation in the treatment of melanoma, and has authored numerous articles and chapters in these fields. He has pioneered work in endoscopic techniques of treating melanoma and an endoscopic technique for the harvesting of saphenous veins in coronary artery bypass surgery, thereby reducing risk and speeding recovery.

In all aspects of his work, Dr Rapaport emphasizes a sensitivity to each patient’s individual concerns, and makes every effort to communicate with and treat every patient with the greatest attention to detail and meticulous care.

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David P. Rapaport, M.D., F.A.C.S.

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