Dr. David Kriet

Serving Kansas City, Overland Park, and surrounding Johnson County areas, facial plastic surgeon J. David Kriet’s dedication to his art has helped improve the lives of countless patients. Since 1998, he has practiced in the University of Kansas Department of Otolaryngology as associate professor and Director of the Division of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

As a leader among facial plastic surgeons, Dr. Kriet possesses an exceptional commitment to both his field and his patients. His involvement throughout the medical community is testimony to his devotion and prowess in the specialty of facial plastic surgery. Dr. Kriet has studied with some of the most prolific and respected surgeons in the world, including Ted A. Cook, MD and Tom D. Wang, MD. He has also written numerous articles on a variety of topics within facial plastic surgery. Dr. Kriet is a reviewer for the medical journal Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery and a member of the eMedicine online journal’s facial plastic surgery editorial board. In addition, he is an invited lecturer at many prestigous events, including the portland Rhinoplasty course.

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