New Year Fitness Plan

“This year, I’m gonna do it!”

How many times have you said or thought something along those lines? Well, it doesn’t matter. We don’t care if you’ve said it 100 times or 1,000! We all have good intentions, want to age gracefully and want a better body.

So, stop beating yourself up with canned resolutions and take a lasting approach to getting in shape – and stay that way! We’re resolved to help you (and ourselves) do just that with LipoSite’s “New Year New You” Fitness Plan, one that makes working out worth every moment.

First, meet our 3 straightforward strategies:

  1. Follow Your Passion
  2. Flaunt Your Success
  3. Foolproof Your Plan

Below, keep an eye out for tips we’ve gleaned from “Exercise: A Program You Can Live With”, a Harvard Medical School special health report. To start with, here’s our own modified list of 5 tips that really work:

  • Use your imagination – Mentally revisit your top exercise moments.
  • Reward yourself well – Celebrate each milestone with fun stuff.
  • Think backwards – Feel great after a workout? Focus on that!
  • Break it down – Divide your routine into small segments.
  • Make a date – Schedule workout dates with friends.

Strategy #1: Follow Your Passion

Harvard Med says: Make it personal…factor in your likes and dislikes.”

It doesn’t take a Harvard degree – or a genius mind – to figure out that following your passion makes workouts more exciting. The way to get there is by exploring all of your options.

Easy, at-home workout ideas:

  • At $1-5, Hula Hoops offer a ton of instant fun
  • Shake your booty to disco music for 10-20 min.
  • Lunge around, instead of walking, for a tighter butt
  • A jump rope will make you feel like a kid again – try the weighted variety (Altus, $10-15) for enhanced arm definition

Need some company? Try a few classes on for size…

  • for Dancers – Zumba, Bollywood, Hip Hop
  • for Warriors – Kickboxing or Warrior workouts
  • for Goddesses – Aerial Silks, Pole Dancing, Yoga, Pilates
  • for Track Stars – Spin class – or asphalt, nature trails and tracks

Your passion’s worth knocking on doors for…and when it comes to giving classes a try most are FREE to first-timers. Scour local listings for hidden gems you didn’t know existed and set a goal of trying at least 1 this week!

Strategy #2: Flaunt Your Success

Harvard Med says: “The result is worth the effort.”

When you register even small successes, celebrate your fabulousness!

Keep a journal, jotting down stuff you’re doing to get fit (ex: “Scored a free aerial silks class!” or “Yoga tonight!”). Mark the date on your calendar with a smiley face. Post “I (heart) Zumba!” on your Facebook page. Sharing your success with friends keeps you accountable, motivates them and makes them more likely to join in.

Flaunting your success keeps you moving forward by helping you stop to savor each step you’ve taken toward being fit. It’s also a way to track your progress while leaving a breadcrumb trail you can look back on if you start to question your commitment.

Strategy #3: Foolproof Your Plan

Harvard Med says: “Make it fit (into your schedule).”

All we’re saying is that prior planning can keep your workout plans from going astray. It’s also one of the easiest ways to get the most out of your “New Year New You” routine. And, isn’t that the point?

The following problems – ahem, excuses – sometimes sabotage workouts. Choose your alternatives now to avoid letting sudden snafus pull the yoga mat out from under you later. We’ve suggested a few solutions, but creating your own will truly help you own your role in controlling the outcomes:

  • I miss my family/friends – Trick them into working out, too.
  • I had a big lunch – Walking it off will make you feel better.
  • I have a hot date – In the end, he’ll be happy he waited.
  • I work long hours – Try exercising at home or get up earlier.
  • I hate bad weather – Plan workouts according to the seasons.
  • [insert TV show name] is on – Catch it on Tivo, Hulu or Netflix.

Worst case scenario? You’re caught off guard and wind up dragging your kid or neighbor out for a mall power walk early Sunday morning. Or you even call the gym to be sure they set you up with a great view of that TV show from your favorite elliptical machine. After all, you’re worth the effort.

Here’s to a fabulous New Year – and a fabulous “New You”!

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