Is Liposuction Right For Everyone?

Is Liposuction Right for Everyone?

After reading an article in Psychology Today, we wondered if liposuction is right for everyone. In it, Dr. Sylvia R. Karasu explains when weight loss patients should – and shouldn’t – turn to liposuction. However, her insights apply to anyone considering this procedure.

Under the right conditions, liposuction can:

  • Remove stubborn fat from your body
  • Give you a more slender appearance
  • Reduce self-consciousness & related issues
  • Make your body appear more balance & toned
  • Make clothes shopping & getting dressed easier

By consulting with a plastic surgeon, you can learn a lot about liposuction risks and benefits. You can get details about liposuction cost, assess the quality of a PS’s work (via liposuction before and after photos) and confirm that you’re a good candidate.

So, what if liposuction is denied? In some cases, poor health can keep you from being considered “ready”. Health problems, certain medications and other physical risks may outweigh the benefits of surgery. In other cases, the risks may be psychological.

A health mindset is as important as a healthy body when considering liposuction. There are times when liposuction may not be right for you, your plastic surgeon’s perspective will differ from your own and surgery may be denied.

But, don’t lose hope. We’ll offer tips for changing all of that!

Liposuction: Plastic Surgeons’ Perspectives

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons ranks liposuction among the Top 5 cosmetic plastic surgery procedures of 2011 – performed 205,000 times that year. A problem arises, Dr. Karasu suggests, when patients focus on satisfying needs or getting plastic surgeons to set goals related to body image only. Are you among them?

Take our quiz and find out (answer “Yes” or “No”). Are you…

  • Unsure if your post-liposuction goals are realistic &/or specific?
  • Focused more on physical appearance than your physical health?
  • Hoping liposuction will dramatically change your feelings of self worth?
  • Mainly interested in having liposuction to attract other people’s attention?
  • Considering liposuction for a lover’s sake, but aren’t sure you’re ready?

During initial consultation, talk to your plastic surgeon about any questions you answered “Yes” to. If there’s any chance you don’t understand what liposuction can and can’t do for you – or have misperceptions about your body – lipo will be a waste of your time and money.

From the perspective of a caring plastic surgeon, you should be physically and emotionally prepared for liposuction. After all, there’s no turning back time post surgery and its benefits should always outweigh its risks. Let your plastic surgeon help you address all of your needs before moving forward.

Liposuction Denied?

Imagine sitting at your computer. You’ve heard about the latest and greatest liposuction techniques and have begun researching them. You come across info you didn’t even know existed. The more you read, the more excited you get.

Topics you want to know more about likely include:

You call a plastic surgeon, schedule a consultation, show up and yet come home feeling defeated. You sit at your computer again. This time, you’re ready to unleash your anger in a post about the fact that your request for liposuction was denied.

Your “PS is an absolute jerk” for not approving surgery and you want everyone to know it. But, in truth, you shouldn’t be angry. You should be delighted that your plastic surgeon put your best interests (and not dollar signs) first.

Reasons a plastic surgeon might deny liposuction include:

  • “You’d benefit more from liposuction if you could lose 35 lbs.”
  • “Your body image seems distorted – will you go see a therapist?”
  • “Your health & medication history pose too great a risk right now.”
  • “What you want & what I can do are so different you’ll be disappointed.”

So, forget the computer and get to work at changing your PS’s mind!

Liposuction: Change Your PS’s Mind

Whether your request for liposuction was denied or the above statements simply ring true, there are ways you can instill confidence in your PS and get what you want. What’s that, you ask? A body that appears sleeker, more toned and cellulite-free.

Let’s address the issues 1-by-1:

If your PS said something like…

  • “You’d benefit more from liposuction if you could lose 35 lbs.” – Lose 35 lbs. Liposuction isn’t a weight loss cure. It removes unwanted fatty deposits. Losing weight prior to surgery makes it easier to perform & more successful.
  • “Your body image seems distorted – will you go see a therapist?” – See a therapist. We’ve all held distorted views of our bodies. Learn more about yours and we guarantee you’ll be happier with your post-lipo results.
  • “Your health & medication history pose too great a risk right now.” – Ask your PS to list your specific risks. Talk them over with a medical doctor who can help you help devise a plan to reduce those risks.
  • “What you want & what I can do are so different you’ll be disappointed.” – Adjust your expectations. Ask your PS what’s realistic. Compare that with your “lipo wish list”. If you can live with changes to your list, say so!

Liposuction Approved!

Once your plastic surgeon knows you’re serious about addressed their concerns, you’re home free – right? Not necessarily. Surgery is just one piece of the puzzle. Proper planning and recovery from liposuction will help you get the best results.

To get the most out of lipo:

  • Choose an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon
  • Follow your PS’s advice related to preparation & recovery
  • Browse our website for tips related to preparation & recovery
  • Create & stick with a healthy, post-lipo diet & exercise routine

In the end, liposuction can benefit you. Just be sure the benefits outweigh the risks. Trust your plastic surgeon to know which is which and follow any advice you’re given to go from “denied” to “approved”. You’ll be glad you did!

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