Cells Extracted During Lipo Used to Grow Functioning Blood Vessels

Researchers at the University of Oklahoma have successfully generated healthy blood vessels from stem cells extracted during liposuction. The findings were announced at the American Heart Association’s Basic Cardiovascular Sciences 2012 Scientific Sessions in July.

In the University of Oklahoma study, the cells collected via liposuction were turned into smooth muscle cells in the laboratory. The cells were then seeded onto a very thin collagen membrane, and this membrane was rolled into tubes with the same diameter as small blood vessels. After 3-4 weeks a new, functioning blood vessel had grown.

The idea of using this adipose tissue for stem cell generation is a relatively new, as studies in the area started just 10 years ago. Lipo  is a very straight forward procedure with few complications and risks, making it great method for stem cell collection. Stem cells are typically derived from other sources in the body, most commonly bone marrow. The bone marrow retrieval process, however, is very invasive, and most patients don’t tolerate it very well, especially those suffering from cardiovascular related illnesses.

Utilizing liposuction derived cells to grow new blood vessels is also a great way to eliminate some of the other complications associated with heart bypass surgery.

What is Coroney Bypass Surgery

Coronary bypass surgery is a procedure that restores blood flow to the heart by diverting the flow of blood around a blockage. Doctors do this by inserting a healthy blood vessel in the heart so that blood flow is no longer obstructed by the clogged artery. The healthy blood vessel is often taken from the arm, leg, abdomen, or chest.

About one-third of patients eligible for a coronary bypass don’t have healthy enough vessels to have the procedures. Another one-third will suffer from complications due to removing a blood vessel. Growing a new vessel from liposuction derived stem cells eliminates the additional procedure, and thus lowers the risk of complications.

The findings from this study have the potential to help a lot of people by turning something harmful into something good. And, hey, we need our blood vessels, excess fat, not so much. Learn more about different liposuction techniques, view before and after photos or read real liposuction patient feedback.

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