Brow Lift Proven to Eliminate Migraines

A Brow Lift to Ease Your Aching Head

“Aye, aye, aye…my aching head!”

If that complaint sounds familiar, you may be suffering from migraine headaches. And, if recent brow lift research is any indication, a board-certified plastic surgeon may soon become your next BFF. Yep, your aching head may benefit from browlift surgery, getting twice the benefit from brow lift cost!

A browlift (a.k.a. a forehead lift) is a plastic surgery procedure that’s frequently used to:

  • Reposition loose &/or sagging skin
  • Reverse the impact of lifestyle & aging
  • Reduce visible expression lines around the eyes
  • Minimize creases along the forehead & frown lines
  • Minimize creases between the eyes at the bridge of the nose

During brow lift surgery, a plastic surgeon often adjusts:

  • Loose &/or sagging skin at the brow
  • Loose &/or sagging skin above the eyelid
  • Eyebrows that droop & make you look older
  • Furrows &/or lines which have developed over time
  • Facial muscles & tissues, so you look more youthful & upbeat

In a nutshell, a brow lift can keep you from looking prematurely old, angry, upset, drowsy, disappointed, sad or tired. And no one wants to look like that – unless they’re willing to admit to being all or any of those things. Are you? We didn’t think so! And now, brow lift can even eliminate your migraine headaches.

What Is a Migraine?

In a moment, we’ll explain the brow lift and migraine connection. Yet, we can’t do that before telling you what a migraine is. We looked for answers in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery® – a journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

In the January 2011 edition of PRS®, migraines were defined as follows:

  • Neurological disorders
  • The cause of recurring & debilitating headaches
  • Often suffered alongside a wide range of other symptoms

Migraines’ other symptoms were said to include:

  • Vertigo
  • Paralysis
  • Nausea &/or Vomiting
  • Light Sensitivity &/or Intolerance
  • Sound Sensitivity &/or Intolerance
  • Other Sensory, Motor &/or Verbal Disturbance

Three researchers – Theodore A. Kung, M.D., Bahman Guyuron, M.D., and Paul S. Cederna, M.D. – outlined that definition in “Migraine Surgery: A Plastic Surgery Solution for Refractory Migraine Headaches”.

They found that approximately 35 Million Americans suffer from migraine headaches:

  • 18% of American women
  • 10% of American adolescents
  • 6% of American men
  • 5% of America’s young children

In fact, they said, migraine headaches account for more than $13 Billion in losses each year. That’s mostly due to absences from school or work and an inability to get things done when you’re suffering from migraines.

The Brow Lift & Migraine Connection

While migraine awareness has increased in recent years Kung, Guyuron and Cederna expressed worry that a wide range of existing medications and other treatment methods still fall short of truly addressing the problem.

To this day, they explained, migraines go undiagnosed and treatment methods aren’t equally effective at meeting migraine sufferers’ needs. Yet, if you’re among those who suffer from migraines, there’s new reason to be hopeful.

In researching the topic a little further, those researchers found that as nerves along the face were compressed they generated migraine headaches. When botulinum toxin, or Botox®, injections were used the effects of those migraine headaches were alleviated.

Their ultimate conclusion was that brow lift surgery could provide similar – but, more permanent – results. In their own words: “Migraine surgery is an exciting prospect for appropriately selected patients suffering from migraine headache and will continue to be a burgeoning field that is replete with investigative opportunities.”

In other words, if you suffer from migraines, brow lift surgery could be your answer. Ask your plastic surgeon about the procedure and whether or not you are a candidate.

Evidence & Support: Brow Lifts for Migraines

Additional support was provided which reinforced the notion that the effects of a brow lift are more than cosmetic. Their ability to cure migraines on a permanent basis was backed up by a survey and research which showed that a brow lift could actually reduce migraine sufferers’ symptoms.

The following information is related to that study on brow lift and migraine relief:

  • 75 migraine sufferers participated
  • Some of the 75 received a traditional brow lift
  • Among those who did, 92% were cured of migraines
  • During the lifts, migraine-related muscle or nerve tissue was removed
  • Any muscle or nerve tissue which was removed was replaced with fat, etc.
  • Those receiving brow lifts more frequently said their migraines were “cured”

Remember the Botox® injections we mentioned earlier?

Before receiving brow lifts, the migraine sufferers above were treated with Botox® injections. Like “test runs”, they helped researchers decide whether those candidates’ migraines would respond well to brow lift surgery. Once the effects of the injections faded, selected candidates received brow lift surgery.

While Botox® injections have been proven effective at reducing the number of migraine, tension and other headaches cosmetic plastic surgery patients suffer from, it’s not FDA approved for use in that way. Consult with your plastic surgeon to learn more.

The Brow Lift “Buddy” System

Whether in response to migraines or otherwise – if before, during or after a brow lift your plastic surgeon does become your BFF, you’ll likely adopt a few other good buddies as well. Many surgical and non-surgical procedures compliment browlift surgery.

Your own browlift “buddy” system may include:

Your plastic surgeon – correction: BFF – should be able to help you create a treatment plan that successfully combines a variety of strategies which meet your unique needs.

Brow lift patients usually range in age from 40 to 70. If you’re relatively healthy and want to correct a furrowed brow and/or get relief from deep forehead creases, consider a browlift. If you’re relatively young but have droopy brows, look into browlift surgery.

Before deciding if brow lift surgery is right for you, consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon who can answer all of your questions. Ask them to provide for proof of positive, prior outcomes by sharing before and after brow lift photos with you. Be sure they cover brow lift cost in detail, as well, and can explain the surgical process in detail.

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