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Reviews of Liposuction, Abdominoplasty & Tummy Tuck Plastic Surgeons Dr. Jean Loftus, Dr. Michael D. Vennemeyer from Cincinnati, Ohio (OH), Fort Wright, Kentucky (KY)

BA experience, Cincinnati / NKY
"Dr. Loftus is an amazing blend of compassion and knowledge, After interviewing 4 plastic surgeons in my area, I chose her, hands down. That was a very easy decision. I encourage you to add her to your list of plastic surgeons to interview in the Northern KY / Cincinnati area. Her charm and knowledge will win you over immediatly.

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   - Missy

Dr Jean Loftus is my hero!!
"I had a Breast Augmentation 10 months ago and I'm as happy as a lark. My surgery was done by a brilliant female doctor named Dr. Jean Loftus in the Greater Cincinnati Ohio area. I am a recording artist and in recent years, maintenance has become a tool of necessity in my business. I am so grateful to Dr. Loftus because my self esteem was suffering quite a bit when I made the final decision to have the surgery done. Thanks to her artful way of looking at the procedure, so much has changed in my life. Sometimes it can be a bit annoying getting all of this new attention but I can manage that considering all of the advantages that come along with this. Dr Jean Loftus is my hero!!

Thank You."
   - Anonymous

Dr. Loftus is an amazing doctor
"From the Q&A forum, "Thanks to everyone who recommended Dr. Loftus". Dr. Loftus is an amazing doctor. She really educates her patients and works well with them to achieve the results they want. She is well respected in our community because of her knowledge that she passes along to other women through her book, national T.V. programs and local radio and speaking engagements, and respected by the women on your forum who have e-mailed her with questions and she so graciously answered, knowing these women were not her patients. I can't help but pass her name along to everyone I know, because of the way she helped me get well and then helped me get the look I wanted.

Thanks for your time!"
   - Susan

"First of all and foremost, THANK YOU, for this web site. I had thought about getting a BA for many years and without this web site, I really don't think I would have gotten one.

Also I had picked a p.s. that was not listed on your web site so I posted questions about him. I got no responses, but what I did get was, " Why if you are in that area are you not using Dr. Jean Loftus?" I then made an appointment with her and thanks to this site I found my p.s.

Dr. Loftus is wonderful. I had my B.A. on 11/20/01 and couldn't be happier. I hate to think what could have happened if I had not found this site!!!!"
   - Anonymous

Thank you
"Advice Media, I am now 10 days post and wanted to thank you for giving me a place to get so much good information, meet people with a common interest and develop friendships. I don't envy you the job of keeping everyone on a good path but you do a good job and I appreciate all of your hard work.

I look forward to reading and replying to posts. Your site is the first internet site I have ever gotten involved with and it has been a blessing and joy. I have been using the internet for a long time but never had found a topic or place that I wanted to get involved with. Thanks for providing such a wonderful service.

I also wanted to thank you for pointing me to Dr. Loftus. She is just fantastic. I can't say enough good things about her and her staff. I wouldn't have found her quite so easily without your help. The funny thing is that she is only 2 miles away from my Orthopedic Dr. and they have actually worked together often. I would never have ask him to recommend a PS and once I told him about her he was so excited for me and told me how good she was.

Well I know you are one busy lady but thanks so much for all you do. I do plan on submitting photos and a story once I get feeling better. I would love to be able to encourage other.

Thanks Again"
   - Cid

Wonderful Job!
"After years of research, I decided to have my BA with Dr. Loftus in May. I found her on Nicole's website and felt immediately at ease with her during my initial consultation. She was extremely thorough and patiently answered all my questions. I felt very confident in my decision after discussing all my concerns with her. Her staff was always so pleasant and helpful. After my surgery, she worked me into her schedule on two separate occasions because I was worried about possible complications. It turned out I had no problems what-so-ever, but Dr. Loftus took the time to put my mind at ease. I am thrilled with my results, and recommend Dr. Loftus and her wonderful staff to anyone!"
   - PJ

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