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Cool-Lipo with Fat Transfer to the Breasts

I had my liposuction surgery on 19 May 2010. I had CoolLipo of the hips, abs, flanks, lower back and inner thighs and a fat transfer to the breasts. I started at 169 pre-weight with measurements of Hips 42" and Waist 34."

My plastic surgeon’s office called me they day before to discuss what to do and what not to do before the surgery. Bonus points in my opinion. The procedure went so smoothly. I arrived 20 minutes early and the plastic surgeon was there waiting for me with the anesthesiologist and Medical assistant. They took the time to answer my last minute questions and then took me back to fill out paperwork and a mandatory pregnancy test. After that, I was weighed and taped for pre-inches measurements.

Time for before photos. I did take my own before, just in case I would be unable to get their pre-operations photos. Next came the markings for the surgery and more photos. He asked about my mons area (included if I wanted it) and asked if I would like that area. He said there would be great a bit of swelling, but mentioned it may not be as natural if he did not do it. I agreed. Finally it was time for the surgery.

I was surprised that I was not very anxious, but once I got on the table, the nerves started a little. (I did not take a Valium, but it was offered.) The ladies reassured me and even rubbed my temples and face as my plastic surgeon placed the IV in my hand. The IV in hand was not very painful. I was out quick, I remember asking' when do I start to go under, then seconds later I said "wow starting to feel woozy" and that is the last thing I remember :) I remember them waking me up and asking the standard questions. After that I only remember getting in the car. I remember trying to read the follow-up in car then only waking up in bed.

10 hours post-surgery and I was on Vicadin and feeling just a little pain. I had gotten up a few times and it was very doable. I only soaked through one pad (my Mons areas) and that area was quite swollen as the PS told me it would be. My compression garment was crotchless and wow my vaginal area was swollen! Guess I didn't expect it to be that swollen on the lips when he lipo’ed the Mons :) If you get this done, I recommend a second garment to go over the vaginal area for some compression there. Luckily, the swelling and hemotoma went down within 3 days.

My breasts were pretty taut, but looked great! I had breastfed for 14 months, so they definitely had that slant. They were also hard but did not feel silicone hard if that makes since, and they did hurt if you pressed on them. I had a hard time sleeping for the first week; the pain was the worst 24-48 hours after surgery.

Unfortunately, I did have a complication. On June 2nd, I decided to try a little Zumba. Everything had been going well and feeling great. After the Zumba, my right breast started to swell. I was diagnosed 3 June with Fat Necrosis from a Ultrasound and Mammogram. On June 15, it was only getting worse and I decided to go to the ER. The redness was increasing, and I was just not having a good time. It was very swollen, hard, and a new, little peak began to appear on the top of my breast with what looked to be a blood blister on top. I wish I had taken a picture.

Do NOT do what I did next if you find you have swelling and peaking of fluid. I took a pin (sterilized) and I lanced the head of the mini peak. NOT a good idea. While not an eruption, it was definitely a very fast effusive flow of a very thick yellowish red mixture. It was also very foul smelling, and I knew I had an infection on my hands. I called my plastic surgeon and he told me to go to the ER immediately. I went to the ER and they got me in quick! Wow, I did not know infections were treated so quickly, but it turns out mine was almost to the point of Fever and chills. I had a very large skin infection, with an abscess (later diagnosed as Cellulitis (staph infection)). The ER doctor gave me a couple of numbing shots (OMG the pain!) and then cut a 1/2” laceration in the same area and proceeded to drain the wound. I had to look away as the sight and smell very nauseating.

The doctor said they drained a 1/4 to a 1/3 of a cup of infection. He then stuffed some dressing into my wound and told me to follow up with my plastic surgeon the next day. I cannot tell you the amazing difference. Yes I still hurt, but the pain was more tolerable and my breast almost looked like the other then. It was much softer, but it still had the lump. I asked the doctor how they could have missed that on an ultrasound AND a mammogram? He stated it could have been in the beginning stages. I also asked him how I could get such an infection while taking antibiotics (I was taking Cephalexin)? He stated that sometimes certain infections are resistant to drugs and prescribed me another antibiotic (Bactrim). I honestly don't know what caused/aggravated it other than high-impact exercising. That is what started the necrosis and swelling on 3rd of June, and I tried to run on the 10th and that is when the swelling and red bruise really exploded. I had been drinking lots of water, taking my antibiotics, and eating healthy.

Well here I am two months later. Despite my infection/fat necrosis, I love the new look of the liposuctioned areas. Complications happen. So I do not regret the surgery - I am just grateful to be on the mend! The incision site is closed, healed well and blends in. Unfortunately, the only bad thing is my right breast is now noticeably smaller than the left. As for the liposuction - I love it love it love it! I believe the most noticeable difference is from the side. The lump is starting to go down. I guess I am one of the lucky ones, because, yes I do have swelling, but it was not exorbitant.

As for pain, I was off painkillers about 3 weeks. Bruising is still on my thighs despite the arnica. I stopped taking arnica because it didn't make a difference it seemed. My plastic surgeon stated the bruising on the thighs could take up to a year to go away. I am patient it will happen.

Overall, I am happy with the surgery. My plastic surgeon and his staff were amazing: very kind, very professional, always took the time to answer my questions and never responded as if they were put out. They also never charged me for all the follow-ups and care for my breast infection (3 days of flushing and packing), and they have offered to do my touch-up for free to get rid of the pooch that is still there. I am 164 post weight, but my clothes fit so much better. I am a 40.5 hips and a 31.5 waist post op.  

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- Maryalicia

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