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Welcome to the Liposuction Question of the Week
Home of LipoSite's Online Poll

This is the place to make your voice heard and to see how your vote compares to those of other visitors. Each week we'll ask a question for our visitors to answer. After you vote, you'll get to see the vote tally and results in both numeric and graphical format.

Some weeks the question will be for everyone to answer. Other weeks, it will be directed only at a specific subset of our visitor population, such as men or women, or pre-op or post-op.

In order to make the results as accurate as possible, we ask that you only answer each question only once during the course of each week's voting.. That way the results will be as accurate as possible. If you're not a part of the group being polled during a particular week, just wait until the end of the week when we show you the results of the final previous week's poll.

We'll report progress periodically throughout the week, so please - No double voting just to see the results! If you want to see the results without voting, click here.

We also have results from old polls. The colors don't match out new site design, but the results are still interesting.  To see the old liposuction poll results, click here.
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