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Reviews of Liposuction, Abdominoplasty & Tummy Tuck Plastic Surgeons Dr. Karl Wustrack, Dr. Gregory Combs from West Linn, Oregon (OR)

I love Dr. Wustrack
"I had a consult with another doctor who has a lot of experience and about whom I had heard mixed responses from others. I wanted a surgeon that agreed with me and wasn't pushing his opinion on me. So, I used Wustrack in West Linn and loved him. He is so so so lovely and has been doing breast augmentation for 25 years. I had it done last Thursday, so still sore and am actually about to go sit down and rest, but had to respond to you. Good luck. xoxoxoxo"
   - Anonymous

The forum is addicting!
"Your website is invaluable. I've even used it more recovering. The forum is addicting. I'm 11 days post with my b/a. Dr. Wustrack from West Linn, Oregon did it. My whole experience was wonderful. I have to say that I was petrified to get the b/a but made me not to be so afraid of medical situations. This has everything to do with the Dr. and staff. Most of the gals I know with b/a's have gone to him. I go back for another check up tomorrow. Thanks! -Romona"
   - Romona

Can't say enough about Dr. Wustrack and his incredible staff
"Your website was invaluable to me, especially the before and after pictures. I must have visited the site every day for a month leading up to my surgery, and since the surgery I've been participating in the discussions. You are providing an incredible service! I'm 9 days post-op, and I can't say enough about Dr. Wustrack and his incredible staff. At my pre-op two weeks before surgery, I expressed concern to the nurse who would be in surgery with me about my reaction to all narcotics (I become violently ill). She was bound and determined to find a solution for me. After doing some research and contacting some colleagues, she discovered a drug called Emend, which is typically used for chemo patients, but the FDA recently approved it for surgical patients. She called the local pharmacies for me (apparently most pharmacies only carry the dosage used for chemo patients), and finally found what I needed at Costco at half the retail price. This was a nice touch, as one pill normally costs over $90. I took the pill three hours before surgery, as instructed, and I woke up feeling fantastic! Beyond the friendliness of the staff, I am thrilled with my results. I already feel like I have the perfect breasts, and they haven't even "fallen into place" yet. I was VERY worried about going too big, but I ultimately left the decision up to Dr. Wustrack, and I am so glad I did. He gave me breasts that are in perfect proportion with my body. He is truly the best! -Kelly"
   - Kelly

Fabulous LIposuction Job
"I went to Karl Wustrack who has a surgical suite in West Linn and Tualatin (so no outside hospital fees). Had high volume liposuction lipo, UAL. Fabulous job."
   - Name WIthheld

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