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Love Dr. Levin!
"My name is Maria. I have been lurking around on this website for several weeks. Just had my surgery Monday. I am 5 days post op all seems to be going well. Thrilled with the size, but secretly hoping that when they drop and fluff they increase a little bit! anyway, just wanted to take the time to thank you for moderating such an amazing sight. I became so educated on this sight and the Q&A board has been such a blessing to me I can barely thank you enough. I would be googling and searching every concern I had for the past 5 days after surgery. This site sent me to my doctor with far more of an educated idea of what I was getting than I think many of girlfriends went in with. And now not being able to move my arms due to transaxillary incisions til Monday I'm here constantly reading, responding, and asking others. I am just so pleased. You have done a great service to all of us!! Thanks again for such quality and reputable info. I also found my doctor on your site. Dr. Richard Levin, Lancaster PA. Love him!!!

   - Maria

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