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Reviews of Liposuction, Abdominoplasty & Tummy Tuck Plastic Surgeon Dr. Parham Ganchi from Wayne, New Jersey (NJ)

Great Job On My Procedure!
"Dr. Ganchi is wonderful, both in his bedside manner and in his skill as a surgeon. He did such a great job on my procedures that not only do I love looking in the mirror again, but my husband now comments to me on how "hot" I am multiple times a day! -DH"
   - DH

Gained So Much Confidence!
"I would highly recomend Dr Ganchi and his staff to anyone. I am a big chicken and Dr Ganchi and his staff made me feel at ease about everything. Before I had the surgery I felt very insecure about my body as I had gained some weight since havong my son. He assured me I would be pleased with my results and I am more pleased than I ever imagined....Go for it! -AL"
   - AL

Wonderful And Comforting Bedside Manner
"Not only are Dr. Ganchi's credentials outstanding, but he has a wonderful and comforting bedside manner. He is easy to talk to, understanding of your needs, patient, caring and pleasant to talk to. His staff was very friendly and helpful also. I would recommend Dr. Ganchi to anyone considering plastic surgery. It has been a great experience from my first visit to now. -LD"
   - LD

I Look Amazing!
"Truly exceeded all my expectations! I went in nervous and skepticle and I left completely comfortable and I look amazing! Besides his unbelievable credentials, Dr. Ganchi is such a nice guy. In fact, his whole staff are just so down to earth and friendly. If I had known how easy it would be, I would have done this years ago! I'm going to have my best summer in a long time! -TG"
   - TG

Surgery Was A Great Success!
"My son had this procedure performed by Dr. Ganchi and I can't stress enough how wonderful Dr. Ganchi was. The surgery was a great success and he took the time to answer questions and concerns that we had. After the surgery he gave us his cell number to call him anytime, which of course I did and he helped us every step of the way. I recommend Dr. Ganchi to everyone that needs plastic surgery. He is wonderful!! -MD"
   - MD

Dr. Ganchi Was Wonderful!
"I am not one to tell my secrets, however, I feel I owe this to Dr. Ganchi and his staff. I have been to numerous other plastic surgeons and had some work done. Recently I was at my hair salon and I over heard a conversation about Dr. Ganchi and how wonderful he was, so I decided to check it out for myself. If only I had found out about him years ago!!! Not only did my results far exceed my expectations, the care and compassion I received from the staff was something I have never experienced. From now on if anyone asks how I keep my shape, I no longer take the credit myself!!! Thanks Dr. Ganchi and staff!!!! -SO

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   - SO

Extremely Experienced Doctor
"I am one day post-op so I can't say much about the final results. What I can say though is that unlike a previous liposuction procedure I had 7 years ago, this time I am feeling much better and ready to resume work in a couple of days (this already proves Dr. Ganchi's far superior techniques). Dr. Ganchi's office is staffed with very courteous and knowledgeable assistants always ready to help (they even offered me iced tea while in the waiting room). During my consultation time Dr. Ganchi answered all of my questions (and then some) made some suggestions of his own as to why he would approach this or that procedure differently than I was originally thinking (but always taking my point of view seriously). I never felt rushed or persuaded to "buy more surgery." But mostly, Dr. Ganchi is extremely experienced in how to work on the male body which requires a different aesthetic approach. -FF"
   - FF

Felt Very Comfortable In His Hands
"I came to Dr. Ganchi because of an ad in the paper. But, I chose him most of all, god bless him, what a great surgeon and person! I felt very comfortable in his hands. His unbelievable credentials were reassuring. His wonderful staff took all my fears away. I wish they had talked me into getting this done a long time ago. I would do it over again. I'm so happy! I'm extremely happy with my result and my surgeon was great! I'm so happy about how I feel and look. I was scared at first but it wasn't anything like I imagined it would be. All the stories you hear. I'm so happy I found Dr. Ganchi. I tell all my family, friends, people on the street how great a doctor he is! -PD"
   - PD

Comfortable And At Ease With Dr. Ganchi
"Dr. Ganchi's credentials were the determining factor why I chose him. He was also the only physician who could perform my type of surgery. The brochures and letters were very informative and creative. Instructions were explained and reviewed in depth. This was very helpful. The care before and after my procedure exceeded my expectations and I am very pleased with my result! Dr. Ganchi is extremely knowledgeable and professional. He made me feel very comfortable and at ease about my procedure. I would definitely recommend him to anyone considering surgery. He is also very kind and has a pleasant demeanor. Dr. Ganchi is also one of the most competent, qualified physicians I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. -CN"
   - CN

Great Work!
"Everyone in the office was very informative and made me feel a little more comfortable about actually getting the surgery after being very afraid, confused, and not sure. Everyone, including the doctor was very nice! Keep up the great work! -FM"
   - FM

Very Informative Office
"Everyone in the office was very informative and made me feel a little more comfortable about actually getting the surgery after being very afraid, confused, and not sure. Everyone, including the doctor was very nice! anon. Keep up the great work!"
   - FM

Passionate, Empathetic And Reassuring
"Dr. Ganchi was very passionate, empathetic, and reassuring. His credentials, the accreditation of the facility, and the staff very important in the process. -MD"
   - MD

Feel And Look Great!
"Dearest Dr. Ganchi... I'm so-o-o-o HAPPY! I just had to share this with you. Every time I put a pair of pants on, I look in the mirror and gasp!! with the words - "Oh! my God!! I can't believe these pants FIT!!!" Words I thought I would never hear again from my own mouth!! My clothes fit so differently now. Clothes that were way!!! back in the closet for years! I had my small, medium and wish clothes. Thank you so very much for the wonderful work you did on my body. I keep on hearing you say... wait until 6 months pass. It's only 3 months and 13 days since my surgery! Wow!!! I feel good and think I look pretty good too for an OLD BROAD!! You have MAGIC hands. Thank you so very much again. -PD"
   - PD

I Will Go Back To Dr. Ganchi!
"How do I feel about my surgical result? I love it!! The doctor's credentials and the accreditation of the facility were very important to me. I have great confidence in the doctor and staff. I am spreading the word about Dr. Ganchi and will be back myself. -SD"
   - SD

Great Experience!
"I selected Dr. Ganchi for his amazing credentials, his approach, bedside manner, understanding exactly what I wanted, everything together from the office staff and their friendliness and smiles to the wonderful atmosphere in the office to the cleanliness of the examination rooms. Dr. Ganchi exceeded my expectations and I would not consider any other plastic surgeon other than Dr. Ganchi for future surgeries. I could not think of a single thing that could have been done differently by the staff to improve my experience. My needs were absolutely met and my surgical result is great! My surgeon was great! I recommend Dr. Ganchi to everyone. You are the greatest! Thank you. -MZ

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   - MZ

Everything Was Perfect!
"Lots of my friends have used this office. Everything was perfect. The doctor's credentials, the friendly staff, and my results! I'm very happy! I will use this office again, definitely! -PC"
   - PC

Already Sent My Friends To Dr. Ganchi!
"Once my husband and I were satisfied with Dr. Ganchi's training, experience, and affiliations, the tone of the office (professional but not "stiff") and his manner in particular (patient, caring, not rushed) made our decision easy. Also, other doctors do not do the fat injections in the face. All of our questions were answered with no feeling of being rushed or the doctor being too "busy." His credentials were absolutely important and his communication after the consultation was excellent with nice personal touches. Dr. Ganchi impressed me as a skilled surgeon with an aesthetic eye, who would truly strive to achieve the best results possible. That this was a value of his was extremely important to me. I truly felt that he would achieve "Park Avenue" results and then some and I was right! My result is excellent! I have already sent friends to Dr. Ganchi. -JS"
   - JS

HUGE Before And After Difference!
"There was a big difference in the before-after pictures! I would recommend Dr. Ganchi to my own friends and family and would use him again for myself. -ER"
   - ER

My Family Loves Dr. Ganchi!
"I love Dr. Ganchi very much. He is board-certified with all the necessary credentials. Dr. Ganchi is very attentive and treats you like family. My family loves Dr. Ganchi very much as well. He also wants his patients to be happy and is very sensitive to one's needs. I feel very comfortable with him. I have sent several friends who have also had surgery with Dr. Ganchi. He is a great surgeon who inspires confidence. -AV"
   - AV

Amazing Results!
"Dr. Ganchi was highly recommended by the surgical nursing staff at Hackensack Hospital. I really like Dr. Ganchi's bedside manner. He always makes me feel comfortable and important. He always takes the time to sit with me. I never feel rushed in any way. The doctor and staff make me feel as though I am the only patient. When I call the office with questions, everyone is courteous and helpful. I remember I was worried about my procedure and Dr. Ganchi met me at the office and it was the 4th of July! My result is great! I feel much better about myself. I am already planning my next procedure. I have even inquired about my daughter who wants to have plastic surgery. I recommend Dr. Ganchi all the time. -CW"
   - CW

Very Happy With My Results
"I am very happy with my result and would definitely return to Dr. Ganchi for any other plastic surgery procedures. I recommend Dr. Ganchi to any friends and family who are interested in plastic surgery. His credentials were very important to me. His staff was wonderful, prompt and informative. -AG"
   - AG

Complete Faith In Dr. Parham
"First and foremost, my visit with Dr. Ganchi was very informative and thorough. He's a physician who I completely have faith and trust in and who I would recommend to everyone. Your staff are a wonderful asset to your office. I have the utmost respect for Dr. Ganchi and plan on seeing you soon. -JC"
   - JC

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