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"When I first found Dr. Gonce, through this site, I was a little skeptical, since no one on the boards had heard of him or used him before, but I did my research on him, and I met with him in person and absolutely loved how comfortable he made me feel. He never rushed me, and he was always completely honest with me. He made me feel like he would sit there until the sun went down, if that's what it took to answer all my questions. I decided right then to use him. We decided what we were going to do, and I ended up coming back, and changing it. I am so in love with the way I look, and I owe it all to Dr. Gonce! He is a God Send. He does fabulous work, and never blows himself up. His staff is exceptional, and they are so friendly and concerned, it feels like I've known them my whole life! They are wonderful people who do wonderful work. I am a patient for life."
   - Anonymous

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