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Reviews of Liposuction, Abdominoplasty & Tummy Tuck Plastic Surgeon Dr. Mark Epstein from Stony Brook, New York (NY)

Overseas Breast Implants
"Dr. Epstein was recommened to me through my cousin who had breast Implants and a Fully Tummy Tuck done by Dr. epstein. I live in Italy. Prior to my trip home in June, I made a call to the office of Dr. Epstein to inquire about Breast Implants. His staff was wonderful, helpful and accommodating. During the call I booked my consultation and surgery. Thats how comfortable I felt with them plus all the positive things my cousin had told me of her experience with Dr. Epstein and his Staff! My intitution was right. From the first time I stepped into his office, the Staff, Surgey Crew and Dr. Epstein were extremely helpful but more so CARING on top of it all. The results and recovery were incredible!!!!! I cant be any happier. My breasts look naturally beautiful! Following their recovery program, I had only one week of minor discomfort. I was able to fly home to Italy 2 weeks after the surgey. My friends and family couldn't believe how good I looked and how well I was recovered already. Again, I thank Dr. Epstein and his Staff!"
   - Rachael Ball

1 Day Recovery was amazing!
"I am 8 weeks out of surgery and thrilled with my results...I generally surround myself with kind, warm hearted, well-intending people; Dr. Epstein is the epitome of just that. After my surgery and my entire bill had been paid, I inquired about having a small cyst removed that my Primary Care Dr. said I need a surgeon for. Dr. Epstein does not take my insurance and offered to do the procedure for me for nothing. I was completely taken with his generosity. That day, his gesture reminded me that there still are some wonderful people among us that do good for the sake of just being kind. There was absolutely nothing for him to gain from me at that point. He already had my money, trust, respect, admiration and appreciation. I believe in Yiddish they would call him a mensch : )

I don’t generally write reviews and recommendations but felt I needed to do other women the service of letting them know how phenomenal my experience was and how confident they should feel in selecting Dr. Epstein. I love him as I’m sure all his patients do!"
   - kris19

Wonderful Doctor!
"Dr. Epstein recently performed a breast augmentation on me, and I cannot be any happier with the results. From the moment I went there for my consultation, I felt very comfortable with him and his entire staff. They make you feel so at ease, everyone that works there is very pleasant, and hospitable. Dr. Epstein is so thorough with answering any and all questions you may have, he even gave me an incredible book to read. It tells you all you need to know about breast augmentation surgery; it was extremely informative, and interesting. All of his breast augmentations are done using his specialized rapid 24 hour recovery - LADIES THIS IS NO JOKE! Not even an hour after my surgery I was able to lift my arms up in the air!!! You do not even need any strong pain medication, the pain is really not bad at all!! All my friends and family were completely shocked at how great I was doing immediately after surgery, I was moving around and everything. You also don’t have to wear any of those uncomfortable dressings that some of the other surgeons require you to wear after surgery, you don’t have to wear anything if that’s what you’re comfortable with; I just wore a zip up sports bra. Dr. Epstein is a great, and talented surgeon. I cannot stress enough how much he cares about his patients; the night of my surgery he even called me himself to check up and see how things were going. I also must add that my recent follow up appointment (to have my steri-strips replaced - protective material to cover incisions) I was ecstatic when I saw how AMAZING the incision looked, they were so small.. I was barely able to see it. I beg anyone who is interested in plastic surgery to check out Dr. Epstein; you won’t regret it! It will be one of the best decisions you make, I know it sure was for me. Thank you Dr. Epstein for changing my life, and making me so confident in myself!! YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!"
   - Justine

Mommy Makeover
"After being pregnant with and breastfeeding my two beautiful children, my body felt and looked different. I kept on telling myself that I am a mother now and my body is beautiful due to what it nurtured and grew; but I knew deep down that I was not happy and needed a change. I eat a well-balanced diet and work out regularly. I told myself that I would give it a year and if my body was not back to where I felt comfortable, then I would look into plastic surgery. Well that year came and went and I decided to take the next step and do what my body could not naturally do... go back to where it was before children.

I started my research of plastic surgeons on the Internet. I would search daily until I found a few that I felt comfortable meeting with. I knew from the moment that I met with Dr. Mark Epstein that he was the one I wanted to perform my surgery. I did meet with some after but they did not measure up with the consultation I had with him. He made me feel extremely calm and confident that he could help me get the results I so sought after and decided to have the 'mommy makeover'. Dr. Epstein had this camera called the Vectra 3D that gave me a simulation of what my breasts would like after surgery. It was a three dimensional image that greatly helped me to not only make my decision to have the surgery but also to go with Dr. Epstein since we obviously had the same the same result in mind.

Going into surgery I had no idea what to expect. I have read the worst and best of stories and prayed that I would be on the later side and would do what I am doing today, writing of my great experience. I had a tummy tuck and breast augmentation. I decided to have an extended tummy tuck since not only did I want to get rid of my soft tummy, but also of my 'muffin top'.

I had both surgeries and have to say that having a breast augmentation was like going to the dentist... a lot of anticipation but not a big deal. Dr. Mark Epstein told me about his rapid recovery technique that sounded great but, of course, I was a bit skeptical. He told me that after the procedure all I would need is some Advil or Tylenol. Since I had the tummy tuck as well, I needed something stronger. I have to say that the breast augmentation was never uncomfortable or even a concern with regards to doing any sort of daily task right from the start. I can honestly say that having the surgery on 10/28, I was trick-or-treating with my kids on Halloween after having both a tummy tuck and breast augmentation.

It has been only been three months since my surgery and I still have have some swelling at my abdomen incision but I can already feel and see the difference in my body. There is obviously a physical change but it is almost more importantly a mental one. I am more confident in my job, social life and just feel like I am able to enjoy life more. Not only am I a mom who is more fun and plays more with my kids, but my husband is also seeing and experiencing the benefits of this surgery.

After having the surgery I think that plastic surgery is not as scary as I had once thought and am already looking forward to someday in the future improving on what nature has made more difficult for me to 'maintain'.

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