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Reviews of Liposuction, Abdominoplasty & Tummy Tuck Plastic Surgeon Dr. Jay Pensler from Chicago, Illinois (IL)

Very happy
"I had him do my ba on 11/17 with Dr. Pensler and have been very happy with my results. I really liked him, he spent a lot of time with me during my consultation and didn't rush me at all. I was really nervous before my ba and he put my mind at ease. If there are any other questions you have, let me know, when is your surgery.

   - Sydney

"My BA went excellent with Dr. Pensler. They look great. I was honestly very surprised. They looked normal after 5 days. They are still hard, however the swelling is gone completely, they both dropped perfectly, and I was up that night moving around, trying to do as much as possible by myself. I felt almost perfect on my 4 day. The best part is 7 days post op I mowed my lawn. Fast recovery and they look gorgeous. Dr. Pensler is great! Thank you for having such a wonderful web site.

   - Renee

So helpful
"I saw a total of 5 Plastic Surgeons before making the decision to let Dr Jay Pensler do my surgery. I was charged $125 for the consultation, however he spent 2 hours with me taking photos of my breast, answering questions, using software to blowup and reduce my breast to get an idea of what size I wanted and the staff was very pleasant.

He had an extensive library of photos to show me of is work and he offered a variety of methods. In addition I did not feel like he was trying to boost my ticket with add- ons. He offers everything you need for $5300 including post operative visits. No extras for under versus over and no extras for over 550 cc. They offered 2 options for financing and I was able to get full financing at a reasonable interest rate. I had to wait until June 2nd to get a surgery date, but I think it will be worth it. I have heard nothing, but good things about him. I had no experience with plastic surgeons and I am sure that I am not a lone. I think it is a shame when women are exposed to substandard operations which could potentially create an unpleasant experience in the long haul . I feel like it is a serious and important decision to have a BA an you want it to be pleasant. I hope my feed back is helpfull.


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