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Thanks so much!
"Thanks so much Nicole! BTW... I haven't taken the time to email you directly so I'll just let you know here... I LOVE YOUR WEBSITE! I found it 5 years ago and it gave me so much information that I desperately needed and it helped me locate a great PS in my area. (Dr James Nachbar in Scottsdale) Thanks for putting this whole thing together and managing it for all these years! So far I'm thrilled with my results! -Michelle

Michelle also writes . . .

Hi Nicole.... I have really been happy with Dr Nachbar and his staff so far.(I'm only one week post op) I found him thru your website 5 years ago and requested an information packet. Even though I had never been in for a consult and had requested information over the phone he continued to "keep in touch" with occassional bits of information. None of the other PS's did that. The packet he sent was so incredibly thorough that when I finally decided to "take the plunge" he was top on my list. I did have 2 other references from friends but interestingly enough I never had a consult with either. One seemed very arrogant and the other one had me waiting for an hour past my scheduled appt. in a very crowded waiting room. I just had a bad feeling so I left. Dr. Nachbar is professional, and direct yet has a calm and pleasant manner about him that made me very comfortable. ALL of the girls that work in the office are very nice and helpful. At my 6 day follow up he seemed to feel everything looked great, I didn't need "the strap" as I expected and I have another post op in 6 weeks.

If you need or want any other information from me just let me know. I would be happy to share before and after pictures for your website. Just let me know how to do it and how often you like updates.

   - Michelle

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