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Tammy's Exciting Liposuction Result

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Pre-Op: Liposuction

Garment for after Liposuction Surgery

1 Month Post-Op Liposuction Surgery

Two Months-post-op-liposuction-surgery
Two Months Post-Op Liposuction Surgery

Two Months Post-Op Liposuction Surgery, Clothed

Two Months Post-Op Liposuction - Front View

Tammy was kind enough to contribute both liposuction photos and her liposuction story! Below is an excerpt from her story, you can read the whole thing in the Visitor Story section of our webs site.

My name is Tammy and I'm happily married for 14 years now. 14 years and 4 beautiful children later! I've always considered myself a somewhat "fit & thin" person. Matter-of-fact in high school, I was teased all the time when they called my "twiggy". When I got married, my wedding dress was a size 0...yes size 0...and I tell you it's not all it's cracked up to be...I had NO figure at all, I was like Olive Oil. It wasn't till I got pregnant with our first child that I weighed over 100 lbs. in my life!

After our firstborn son was born, I was so happy with my weight and actually looked healthy, and could find clothes to fit easily. Well...then came child 2, then 3 and lastly #4! After each pregnancy my shape just became more distorted, my abs would not go back down and I always looked about 3 months preggers, I hated that! Not only did I not want to wear a swimsuit in public...I just could not find fitted slacks or jeans that fit comfortably...[After liposuction] the most things I'm excited about are just being able to put on a pair of blue jeans, and them fit comfortably! Also...the bikinis are looking much nicer now and of course that's a plus too *wink*. I hope my story has helped some of you :o).

Good luck and Go for it!
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