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Happy With Outcome; Recommends Realistic Expectations From Liposuction Surgery

I am 42 years old and have had weight and/ or body image issues since I was six years old. My experience with plastic surgery started when I was relatively young. I had breast reduction surgery at 19 as a medically covered procedure. It was an extremely positive experience and I had an easy recovery. I went from a 38 DD+ to a 34B or C. I haven't regretted it for one moment. When I was 29, I became involved in Overeaters Anonymous, a 12 step program for people with eating disorders. My weight and body image issues improved tremendously; however, I did still have saddlebags and some other isolated pockets of fat that the years of healthy eating (in OA) and moderate exercise hadn't touched. When I turned 40 I got up the nerve to investigate lipo on these areas. I went for a consult with a dermatological surgeon who I knew and liked.

I was interested in knees, inner and outer thighs and possibly hips. He only did lipo with local and one area at a time. He also told me he didn't do inner thighs because they didn't usually turn out well. I had the saddlebags done and it improved my appearance. I had only local, no sedation and not even a Valium. I went back to work the next day and was sore as hell. I had an uneventful recovery. I discovered LipoSite after the surgery. I also realized that he was very expensive for one area, $3,850. As time went on I was not fully satisfied and I had also gained a little weight. I still thought about those parts I had originally wanted done. The summer before last I was walking on the beach with my husband and told him I wished so much that my thighs wouldn't rub together. Last December I worked up the nerve to admit to myself and my husband that I wanted more lipo. I also recommitted to my 12 step program. I read a lot on the board (extremely helpful) and called several PS's in my area. My husband was supportive but worried about the implications of general anaesthesia.

Dr. Bruce and her staff, the PS I selected, were very helpful and pragmatic. I told her that I didn't expect miracles, but wanted to wear a bathing suit without my thighs rubbing together. She thought I was a good candidate for inner thighs, knees, flanks/ hips and a touch up on the outer thighs. This was to be done with general in her office suite at a cost of about $6500. She also talked with me a lot about realistic expectations. In February I had the surgery. I was off of work for a week and had a slower recovery than with the first lipo, just the anaesthesia alone made it harder. After the first week, I'm not sure the recovery was that different from the first procedure. Pretty soon after the surgery I knew that I was going to be happy. I didn't have a very tough recovery compared to some of the stories I've seen on the Board. I didn't need to use too many pain pills. I just gradually got smaller, more shapely, less bruised and less swollen. I used lots of arnica gel and tabs, drank tons of water and massaged as much as I could tolerate. Knees and inner thighs were the slowest to heal. I also lost a few pounds by continuing with healthy eating and moderate exercise. Since the surgery in February I have gone from a size 10-12 to a 6 and have lost about 15 lbs. I am 5'2" and weigh 119lbs. My thighs don't rub together at all, what a miracle!

I can wear cuts and styles of clothes I never could have imagined before. I have a pair of slinky black pants that look great. For a geezer I wasn't too shabby in a bikini this summer either. At my 6 month post op visit I asked Dr. Bruce about a touch up on my flanks to address a little unevenness. She charged only supply fees and I decided to do it under local. I had the procedure done in early October. It went well, a piece of cake compared to the big surgery. At 2 and ½ weeks post op, I am still swollen (particularly in the evening), but the bruising cleared in less than 2 weeks. I went without my panty girdle for the first time at two and ½ weeks and felt fine. I can wear all my clothes from before the touch up again. I know that if I am patient the swelling and soreness will pass. This is it for lipo for me. I am very grateful for what it has done for me.

My most important advice is to be realistic and patient about what lipo can do for you. Dr. Bruce told me at my first consult, "I wish I could give you Tina Turner's legs, but I can't". She was right, but my legs and lower body do look a lot better.
- Nel

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