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When Dieting Alone Didn't Work, Jojo Got Some Help From Liposuction

I am Jojo. I am 29 years old 5'7", and in January of 1999, I weighed 275 pounds, and wore a size 22/24. My thighs were 43" around, as was my waist, and I wore dresses because I could not fit into pants. I was a blob and hated it. My mother is a 22, her sisters are 24's, my grandmother was 5'3 and 300 pounds. I am a big girl from a big family. After high school I was determined to get skinny. I tried Nutrisystem and lost 50 pounds.

Went off and gained it back. I became anorexic and lost 100 pounds, I looked great!!! I didn't eat ANY food for 8 months, living on water and coffee only. And came out of this with a bleeding ulcer. I got lucky. Started eating and gained it all back. Phenfen was my next savior and I lost 75 pounds, then it came off the market. I have tried every diet on the books, and could not keep it off! I gain weight at 1,000 calories a day! Can you relate?

In April 2000, I decided to have lipo and went under the knife 2 weeks later. I had a hard time finding a PS, as they all happily took my consultation fee and told me to come back when I lost 75 pounds, no exam even. Finally I found Dr. Howard Lee in Pinole, Northern California. He agreed to do the surgery, but would not do all the areas I wanted. He said choose one. I chose my thighs because even when my waist was a size 5, my thighs required a 12! 6 months after this first lipo, I had put on weight in my waist and hips, because I thought this was a license to eat. I was WRONG! You cannot binge with lipo, it is not a cure. In February 2001, I chose to go back for the waist and hips and had 5300cc's removed from flanks, ribs, back, neck and chin as well. I am just about at 6 months post op and still healing. I am still swollen and some days are better then others.

However, I now wear size 10/12 in jeans, size 8/10 in dresses and bare my midsection as often as possible. I have 4 pack abs, and great definition on my body. I do have skin sagging, but it is mild, and shrinking. Even this skin is better then the fat I have dealt with. Until recently, I have not dated in over 3 years because of the way I have felt about myself. I became a hermit, embarrassed to go out in public. I took a vacation in May to Mexico, and had returned there in July, and will again in September. In fact, one of the men I met on the trip will be my new roommate in October when his job in Mexico ends. I am dating a lot, and have 3 prospects for serious relationships right now. I feel great, and it shows! Hope this helps.
- JoJo

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