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This section gives our visitors a chance to share their personal liposuction and body contouring stories with each other. I hope you will consider contributing YOUR story to us. If you would like to contribute your story, click here for details.

Here are the stories of our visitors. Many names have been changed for privacy. Where appropriate, there is additional detail so you can decide if you are interested. If we have photos of the visitor, they are incorporated or there will be link to our Visitors' Photo Gallery. Click on a name to read . . .

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"Thrilled With Her Results" and Is More Proportional

I'm 34 and have 2 girls (age-8 and age-5) pre-op I was a sometimes tight size 12, my measurements were: height: 5'7" weight: 165 waist: 31" hips: 42.5" left upper thigh: 25" right upper thigh: 25.5" In 1999 due to some personal and health problems, I got down to 142 lbs., the smallest I was EVER in my life. I was exercising every day for about 1 hour, and ate like a bird - when I could eat. My mother was ready to check me into the hospital - I looked awful in the face and upper body (my bra size went from a 36 c to a 34 a !!) However, my lower half looked pretty good. Needless to say, as I became healthy and happy again - here came my weight back. I have battled this all of my life - I inherited my dad's beautiful eyes as well as his sisters pear shapes! My husband had early balding and had a hair transplant in January of this year.

That's when I decided to really look seriously at lipo for me. I wanted my bottom half to be in proportion with my top. AND, I wanted to be able to just eat healthy - not be a harsh diet all of the time. So, off to the consults. My words were, I want it to look like I only have one butt, not two, and I'd like to be able to stand tall and walk in a bathing suit without it going up my butt. I also wanted to be able to wear straight skirts and flat front pants and JEANS. My plastic surgeon said that it wasn't my butt that was the problem, it was my hips and thighs. I decided to have inner & outer thighs, hips, and lower abs. I was told the surgery would take @4 hours, and it did. I had tumescent lipo in a surgical suite connected to the hospital with an anesthesiologist there during the whole procedure. I had IV Twilight sedation (I did not have general - unnecessary when doing tumescent).

The week before I had blood work, EKG, and a quick physical by my family doc. I also took antibiotics that they prescribed. I told NO ONE expect my husband and my neighbor who was driving me up the day of the surgery. I made arrangements for my kids to spend the night at mom-in-laws the day of the surgery. The day before I made sure the fridge and pantry were stocked. I cleaned the house. I made sure I had a shower curtain to lay on after surgery, maxi pads for incision site drainage, and Tylenol PM. My surgery was schedule to begin at 12 noon on 7/31; I had to be there at 11 am. My neighbor, who had a tummy tuck 3 years ago drove me up, gave me encouragement, and walked me in. My husband would be paged when they were about 1 hour from completion to come and get me. They reviewed what would happen, and I paid my balance. They made me put on those God awful paper string bikini underwear. The doc came in and drew on me with red and green markers to outline the areas of fat as well as the incision areas. Next they took Polaroid pictures (U.G.L.Y.!!!) I went to the bathroom (yes, I started my period the night before - AGGG! - I left red and green lines on the toilet seat from the markers--oops.) 

Next, I took some pills (Valium I think), and the anesthesiologist came in to start the IV and to tell me that her job was to keep me comfortable. She explained that most people do not remember a thing about the surgery - I do NOT remember much! Then they walked me into the surgery table. They painted me from my bra line to me knees with brown stuff (It begins with a "B", I forget what it's called), and I laid down on the table. The next thing I remember is thinking something was hurting on my right lower leg, and I thought someone said, "I don't want to give you any more sweetie cause we're almost done". Then I remember seeing my husband as the nurse was putting my dress on. The doctor shook my husband's hand, and I told the whole room, "oh wait a minute, I have a quick story about my wonderful husband....." My husband said I sounded like I had been on an all night drunk - they were all laughing. They wheeled me out to me husband's truck, I climbed up - and off we went. The surgery took 4 hours. They injected 8,000ccs of tumescent fluid and took out 7,350ccs of FAT! 

Jill's Recovery from Liposuction Surgery

Night of surgery (Day 1): I had a foam padded dressing underneath my garment, it was about 1 inch thick. Holes were cut out where the incision sites were. My underwear was over top of the garment. When I got out of the truck after a 35 min. drive I was already soaking through. They told me not to change my garment until the next day, even if it soaked through. So I took off my big 'ole sun dress, put on a T-shirt, laid down on my shower curtain in my bed, covered up with an old sheet and went to sleep for about 4 hours. When I woke up I was a mess. I had puddles of what looked like blood all around me. Well, my husband said we gotta get you cleaned up! We needed the maxi pads!!! So he starts unzipping me and I mean to tell ya I was just gushing with fluid! We decided that we had to change the garment. I felt fine, until I stood up - then I felt nauseous. So, I stood up while he pulled off the garment. Then I sat down on the bed, and OH MY GOSH. I looked like one of those cartoon characters that gets shot then drinks water and it comes gushing out all of the holes. We finally got the new garment on and got pads on all of the incisions. I ate some crackers and cheese cubes, and 1/2 a diet coke. My husband made me take the Percocet as instructed so I would sleep through the night and would hopefully have less pain in the morning. Which I did. He went to the store to buy more maxi pads, it was obvious that 1 package was not going to cut it! NOTE: My husband really is wonderful :) I'm sure he was just horrified buying 3 bags of maxi pads! 

Day 2: Sore and leaking like crazy. My husband came home in the morning and helped me change out my pads. I was up and around. Cleaned myself up a bit (only allowed to sponge bath). Got "dressed" and laid around. Kids came home with my husband after work, they just thought I didn't feel well. I showed them the garment and said it was going to help me look better. They were a little worried about me, but I reassured them. I did not take any more Percocet or pain meds. I took Tylenol PM at night to help me sleep. Sleeping was very difficult the first 2 weeks - I'm a side sleeper - ain't gonna happen.

Day 3: Went out in public, to kids school to find out teachers. I wore capri pants and a T-shirt. No one could tell a thing! Still leaking a lot, but not from all of the incisions sites. Some of them are healing over. Pubic area bruised OUCH. Drinking tons of water.

Day 4: Here comes the swelling. My knees and ankles were soooo swelled. I went out to dinner with family at a bar and grill. Drinking tons of water. Can finally stop with the maxi pads (I used 72 pads through out the past 3 days).

Day 5: More swelling and now bruising all down my calves and ankles. BUT, this was a GREAT day. I got to take a bath. Soaked for 45 minutes in warm water with baby oil. Took off the foam dressing (finally!) This was the first look I got at myself. I was very happy! Not a lot of bruising (I expected it to be much worse!) My legs and stomach and butt looked great. I was very excited! Went to the mall that day to buy some more capri pants and a long dress to wear to my niece's baptism the next week. I bought size 10's down one size already (I tried on clothes just for the hell of it - cause it felt so good!)

Day 6: Bad day. Swelling reallllllllyy bad. I took my first shower and discovered the complete numbness on my stomach, hips and my right leg. The water hitting me and the numbness triggered a migraine headache. I slept most of that day. Drinking tons of water when I could.

Day 7: Feeling better, shower OK today. Went to doctor to get stitches out. He was thrilled and said it's only going to get better from here. He was happy with his work and so was I! The major trauma swelling is going away. Now, I'm starting to feel a tiny nickel size round lump above my belly button about 2 inches. Week 2: Trauma swelling going down. Stiffness is getting better. Once I was up and moving felt pretty good. Getting up and down was sllllloooooowwwww.

Week 3: Trauma swelling gone, bruises all gone. Back for check up doc is still pleased and says he'll see me even smaller at the 3 month mark. Now, I have hard lumps in all my lipo areas that are hot to the touch and are really sore. I now have permission to wear the garment 12 hrs/day for the next two weeks. I still felt a little weird without it (like I was going to fall apart), but it was nice to wear shorts for short periods of time!!! I went swimming on the weekend (covered incisions w/Band-Aids to make sure they didn't get any sun!) - it felt great. Started walking. Lumps hurt really bad after garment has been off for awhile. Bought a hand held massager and started taking Bromelain to help with the swelling.

Week 4: Feeling pretty normal now. Still stiff and sore, but doesn't make me cringe anymore. Swelling gets bad after I walk or workout. I can go without garment, but I'm still wearing it at night, it just feels better! I also wear a panty girdle sometimes if it works with my clothes, and if I need to wear pants I wear a second stage slack companion girdle. Compression helps with the swelling. Keep in mind that this swelling isn't as bad as the initial trauma swelling.

Weeks 5-6: Continued shrinking. Lumps are mostly gone, and are mostly in the ab area. A little soreness left in inner thighs and abs. Weeks 6-11: Not wearing garments at all. Started Body for Life exercise and diet plan.

Week 12 (3 months): Overall, I'm thrilled with results. I still have a little swelling in inner thighs, abs, and upper hip area. I really only notice it after I exercise or when it's that "time of the month!" I know my "After" results and pictures look like a lot of folks "Before". However, I feel like my body is much more proportional and with continued exercise and "normal" eating - I will see more muscle tone and will be even more happy and confident with my body.

Here are my stats: At the 3 month mark, I'm wearing a loose size 10 and some 8's. Biggest difference? No more saddlebags! I can wear flat front pants and I feel really comfortable in jeans! Regrets? I wish I would have had my butt and knees done too (it was too much to do at one time).

I am considering doing these areas, however, I'm going to wait and see how my diet and exercise work out first! Here are my measurements! 

  OLD (“Before”) 8/29/01 (4 weeks) 9/12/01 (6 weeks) 10/23/01 (12 weeks)
Height 5' 7"      
Weight: 165 lbs. 155 lbs. 155 lbs. 152 lbs.
Waist: 31" 30.5" 30" 29"
Hips: 42.5" 39" 38.5" 36.5"
Left Upper Thigh 25" 22" 22" 21.5"
Right Upper Thigh 25.5" 22.5" 22" 21.5"

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- Jill

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