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Ulthera®, the Revolutionary, Noninvasive Option for Anti-Aging Treatment

Article courtesy of Troy J. Andreasen, M.D.
July 8, 2011

Dr. Troy J. Andreasen of Ontario, CA is pleased to announce the arrival of his latest and most revolutionary piece of equipment, The Ulthera® ultrasound system used for tightening the facial and neck areas without invasive surgery! This noninvasive, tissue lifting machine shows proven results after just one treatment session. The Ultherapy® system can be used for many areas of the upper body especially brow and forehead crow’s feet lines, the jowls and cheeks and the neck. Dramatically reduce the effects of wrinkles, stress and aging without any injection, light, or laser.

Patented with DeepSEE™ technology, the Ulthera® system adds a new category to cosmetic procedures to oppose the effects of skin aging. This machine employs ultrasound capabilities to “see and treat” the exact area in need of repair. Sound waves are sent below the skin surface, deep into the addressed tissues to create new collagen and restore a youthful appearance. Since this is a noninvasive, and extremely safe and trusted process, there is no need for special preparation or recuperation expenses as the body uses it’s natural healing system to repair and rejuvenate itself.

Finally, patients can tighten and tone their loose skin without having to suffer any downtime or painful recovery after completing a simple 30-60 minute procedure. The Ulthera® ultrasound system has been featured in many health and beauty media coverages including Elle Magazine. Dr. Andreasen, currently the only Inland Empire Plastic Surgery practice to provide Ultherapy®, has been featured on The Rachael Ray Show, The Doctors, and Dr. Oz proclaiming the inimitable and exuberant outcomes of the Ulthera® ultrasound system. For more information, contact Ontario plastic surgeon Dr. Andreasen at (909) 829-5464.

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