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Frequently Asked Questions

The LipoSite Common Questions section, also known as FAQ's (for Frequently Asked Questions) consists of a series of categorized questions and answers that are often asked by visitors to our site. - Topics include: Choosing a surgeon, costs, recovery times and surgical methods. If you see information that you want to keep for future reference, you can either print the screens, or you can send the FAQ's using the share buttons on each page!
  • Abbreviation Glossary 

    Every wonder what all the abbreviations you see on the discussion boards are about? This is the place to find out.

  • Checklists Tips and Hints 

    This section of the FAQs contains liposuction checklists, tips and hints contributed by our visitors.

    IMPORTANT: ALWAYS consult your doctors before embarking on any changes to the routine prescribed them. The advice here is based on the experiences of our visitors and may not always be applicable to your situation.

    The information is not intended to replace medical advice offered by your doctor, surgeon, physicians or other health care professionals.

  • Choosing a Plastic Surgeon 

    FAQs about choosing a plastic surgeon, checking your surgeon's qualifications and licensing and other resources to help you find a plastic surgeon who is right for you.

  • FAQs about the LipoSite FAQs 

    Frequently asked questions about the LipoSite FAQ's; how they work, when they're updated and how the questions and answers get here.

  • General Liposuction FAQs 

    Frequently asked questions about liposuction in general.

  • Liposuction costs and liposuction prices 

    Information on average costs for liposuction.

  • Random Liposuction FAQs 

    This section is home to all the trivia, miscellaneous facts and other information that doesn't fit anywhere else.

  • Recovery 

    Information on recovering from liposuction.

  • Types of Liposuction 

    Information about the various techniques used to perform liposuction.

  • Weights Measures Volumes ccs and more 

    Questions on converting between cc's and pounds and all those other English-Metric-English issues.

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